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The Aliens Have Landed set was  SOLD  on JULY 1, 2014!
Coming this November, its new home will be:  Harvest Kids
our next kid set design will be available to purchase in 2015/2016
with delivery in November of 2016
Do you want a stage makeover in your Kids Church?
Every 2 years, we design and build a new set with a new theme.
So, every 2 years we sell our "lightly used" Kid Set to Churches, to enhance their Kids Ministries. The money that we sell our sets for goes to finance the next set & theme production.
(so we can continue on without incurring excessive credit card debt.)
Our previous sets are installed in churches across the country.
Our current set design is now available to purchase, with delivery at the end of November 2014. We will deliver & setup the set in a 24 hour period, so your kids church can have a complete makeover from one week to the next with no lengthy construction time!
Our sets aren't "super cheap", but they are significantly cheaper than using a pro set design & construction company.
This is because we do not charge for design & labor, just materials & delivery.

Before/After photos of some

churches we ministered at, to show the various stage areas it will fit in

Our set is designed to fit a 45' wide x 14' tall area, but can be scale down to 20' wide x 7.5' tall.

Because the set elements are modular, some pieces can go up on stage while others can go on the floor next to the stage.  This better accomodates smaller stage areas.

So almost no stage is "to small" for a KidzTurn Set.

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