KidzTurn wants to partner with your church to reach Kids and Families in your community!

If you are interested please contact us by filling

out this form or email:

if you don't hear back from us in a couple days, leave a comment on:

There is only 1 KidzTurn Team that tours, so we appreciate your flexibility in scheduling. Please consider having a backup date in mind when contacting us.

(Mentioning your town & state will help us out.)

Unfortunately, gas prices, travel-time & setup-time restrict us from criss-crossing the country from week to week.

Before/After photos of some

churches we ministered at in 2019/20


Our set is designed to fit a 48' wide x 14' tall area but can be scale down to 20' wide x 7.7' tall, So almost no church is "too small" to host a KidzTurn event!

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